About SMP Liverpool

SMP Liverpool is a hair clinic based in Liverpool supplying a solution to hair loss through Scalp Micropigmentation treatment.

Our clinic was set up by head technician Craig Molyneux, who studied under lead practitioners in the SMP industry. Craig has Over 10 years experience working in the hair industry in Liverpool’s best barber’s. so for people who want the look of real hair and styled professional, SMP Liverpool delivers results.

SMP head close up

The treatment allows us to mimic hair follicles through a procedure that is like a tattoo. Small impressions of pigment are applied to the head giving the look of a new, fuller hairline. A look that will never go out of fashion!

We only use the best pigments available to replicate hair follicles. they are produced in Germany, known for their excellence in Scalp Micropigmentation equipment (and Equipment in general). guaranteed noticeable results after each session and when all the sessions are completed, a new Hair Style to be proud of. 

SMP Liverpool gives people experiencing hair loss a non-surgical solution. and it’s scar free. No drugs are to be taken before or after the treatment to maintain results. 


If you would like to discuss anything more call us on 07432859488 or send an email with your queries

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39 Rodney Street


L1 9EN

Phone: 07432859488

Email: smpliverpool2@gmail.com