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Belle Vale


The Belle Vale area shares borders with Huyton, Netherley, Gateacre and Childwall. In Belle Vale, Childwall Valley Road (B5178) is the main road running through to Netherley.Ever since the old North Liverpool Extension Line (loop line) was built at the back of Hartsbourne Avenue, it has been considered to be a border between Belle Vale and the neighboring districts Childwall and Gateacre.

The Belle Vale District Centre has a number of amenities, including a fire station, police station, health centre, and shopping centre. The park is also nearby. Ten great places to visit in the city of Liverpool; The Belle Vale Junior football league now plays in nearby Netherley. The district is often linked with Childwall or Gateacre, which are neighboring districts.The Belle Vale area is also divided with different housing estates, which have local landmarks of their own. You'll find past and modern mentions to the area being in Gateacre on one side and Dingle Lane on the other--adding to the confusion.

and goes towards the shopping centre in Gateacre, while another thoroughfare heads north from Childwall to Netherley. It is unclear when the signs set up by the Belle Vale Neighbourhood Development group were put up. The Childwall district, with a new entrance north of the neighbourhood's new school and health centre seems like an attempt on behalf of the city to redefine how streets are seen. Many amenities in the Belle Vale area are named after the identity of this neighbourhood. 

History of the Belle Vale area:

Belle Vale is historically part of the parish of Childwall and part of the township of Little Woolton. In 1913, Little Woolton was formally integrated into the city of Liverpool and became its own subdivision. Since the beginning of the 20th century Belle Vale has stretched beyond that district to become a suburb within it's own right. Belle Vale Hall was located approximately 3.5 miles from Liverpool City Centre. The hall itself consisted of 120 acres and featured a 12 acre garden and 5-acre ornamental lake surrounded by woodland with trails, a 20ft waterfall and swimming pool. Rex Harrison, the actor who was related to the family, visited Black-rock Castle when he was a boy. The Belle Vale Orchards Ltd operated between the 1920s and 1950s. TThe site had a jam factory from 1930 to the late 40s. In 1960, the factory was turned into a spam and bacon production house. The site where the factory once stood is now occupied by Morrisons Supermarket and petrol station which opened in 2003. The estate grounds survived to become Belle Vale Park, a part of Liverpool.

The first church in the district was built between 1872 and 1874. It is located in Belle Vale Road and is a Church of England building. In 1893, Liverpool became a parish in its own right with St Stephen as the parish church. Designed by Liverpool architect Cornelius Sherlock and built by Sir Andrew Barclay Walker in 1880, Church Cottages stand on the grounds of Walker’s estate. The Walker estate had included the cottages until they were auctioned in 1917. In the garden in front of a church, there's a memorial stone with the names of those who served in two world wars. The west window in the church was designed by Edward Burne-Jones for Morris & Co. In his memory of his first wife who died in 1882, Sir Andrew Barclay Walker offered to dedicate the house at 10 Princes Road in Liverpool.

The Belvale Estate Gateacre is composed of over a thousand prefabricated homes built during 1945-1947. They were constructed to provide affordable housing for the people who lost their houses in World War II, making it one of the largest prefab communities in the country. Recently the first five houses in Liverpool’s Belle Vale prefab estate were completed, making it a new and growing local community. It was replaced with new housing and a shopping centre in the mid-1970s. Our Lady's Roman Catholic Church, initially built on Prefab estate in 1949, relocated from across the road from current location of Gateacre School playing field to Hedge-field Road in 1965. The Prefabs, beyond Hartsbourne, Lee Park and Naylorsfield was largely retained as farm land until the 1960s when it's land acquisition marked it for future development.

Paul McCartney attended Joseph Williams Primary School from 1949 to 1953. The school is located in Sunny-fields Road on the Prefab Estate. Schools in Speke were at capacity, so he took the bus to Liverpool. The site of the former school remains vacant, while an adjacent plot was used to build a retirement living development. Riverside has informed residents that Compendium Living, an independent living development agency based in the United Kingdom and Norway, is ready to submit a planning application for family homes on the former Joseph Williams school site.

Available Places that you should visit in this area:

Belle Vale Park

Belle Vale Park is a family-friendly park in Liverpool. The 60 acre park provides space for neighbourhood residents to use for their recreation and cultural needs. Children’s play area, soccer protocols, and informal lawns can be found in a level of landscaping that enlivens the general circulation of the local shopping centre to develop the educational and recreational links between the community and the park grounds, maintenance and Parks teams are working on projects with the community to enhance and promote Belle Vale Park. The proposed development will include a mixed woodland fringing the built-up area, as well as an ecological wetland area. It was recently awarded a Green Flag Award, an international award given for excellence in the management of green spaces.

Belle vale Shopping centre 

Belle Vale shopping centre is a convenient shopping destination at the heart of the belle vale community, offering a mix of national brands and local businesses. Within 6 miles of Liverpool city centre, discover over 60 shops including Argos, Home Bargains, Morrisons and a fast-food restaurant. The first floor of the shopping complex includes a free car park with three leisure facilities, including Area 51 - later quest facility. Visiting a new city can be daunting. 10 great places to visit in the Liverpool area is made for tourists visiting the city and those already living here who want to explore more.

The first floor of the shopping mall has many amenities including public restrooms, baby changing stations, two escalators and a passenger elevator. Located in the centre of Liverpool, a pedestrian and fully accessible mall features ample free parking on two lots, bus station, taxi rank and excellent road links. This shopping centre, so you complete all the shopping that you need whatever the weather.


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