May 21, 2021

Disadvantages of Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation (also known as SMP) is a popular non-surgical hair loss treatment. It is just like a hair tattoo. In this procedure, natural pigments are implemented at the dermal layer of the scalp. It generates a natural thick hair look. SMP gives a natural thick look on hairs. This makes it the best solution for hair loss. The fact about SMP is that it gives an illusion of thick hairs on the head. Scalp micro pigmentation is becoming popular like microblading for full brows.

The innovative procedure of scalp micropigmentation is becoming popular worldwide. Because it gives a long-lasting solution for hair loss. People with scalp micropigmentation can enjoy a thick and full hair look. The skilled scalp micropigmentation practitioners inject a special pigment under the scalp layer. They create a series of tiny impressions of pigment inside the scalp. This gives an illusion of thick hairs on the head. This technique is known as stippling. This procedure can also be used to enhance the existing hairline. Scalp micropigmentation is cost-effective and completely worth it. Its effect lasts for about eight years if the right technician and pigment are chosen for SMP.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation can give various benefits. Some common benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation are as follows:
- Non-surgical solution of hair loss.
- No need for continuous maintenance after the treatment is finished.
- Doesn’t require a long recovery time (minimum ten days for healing scalp are enough.
- Boosts your confidence by giving a thick hairline.

What’s the process (of Scalp Micropigmentation)?

People are mostly concerned about the painfulness of the procedure. They always ask whether the SMP technique is painful or not. The simple answer to this question is that “it depends on the person’s scalp and potential and the SMP practitioner”.

Always choose a professional SMP practitioner for better results and less pain. A well-trained SMP practitioner will initially apply a topical numbing agent to your scalp. It will reduce the irritation caused by the SMP procedure. No matter how much numbing agents are applied, the pain always depends upon your pain tolerance and potential. SMP Liverpool focuses on giving less painful treatment to its clients. Hence, you can consider them while having Scalp Micropigmentation.

The first thing in the process of Scalp Micro-pigmentation is to find the best technician. They use natural pigments on your scalp layer. The pigment is implemented inside the epidermis of the skin. The epidermis is the layer under the waterproof and outer layer of your scalp. The tiny dots of pigments are applied in the form layers using a microneedle device. Once the marks of pigment dots are healed, they look like real hair follicles. The result of the complete SMP treatment is like freshly barbered or buzz-out hairs.


Disadvantages of Scalp Micropigmentation

Getting your head tattooed is a big decision. Therefore, you should also consider its disadvantages before getting the actual treatment. Although the disadvantages of scalp micropigmentation are not much severe or life-changing. But you should be aware of these. So that you could be comfortable while getting scalp micro pigmentation treatment.

Hence, the disadvantages of scalp micropigmentation are listed below:

You can’t change your hairstyle

If you are a picky person about your hairstyle. Then this could be the biggest disadvantage for you. Thick hairs give you the chance and flexibility to change your hair look. But as scalp micro pigmentation is similar to tattooing. So, it would be impossible to change your hairstyle whenever you want.

Due to this advantage, candidates are advised to choose the hairline wisely. Because they have to keep that hairline for about seven to eight years. When you start balding or losing hair, you lose control over changing your hairstyle. Micro Scalp Pigmentation gives you the solution to hair loss or balding. But you can only have a buzz-out haircut. This haircut looks freshly barbered.


If you are interested in getting Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment. But you are confused whether shaved head suits you or not. You can get a free consultation from SMP Liverpool. They will assist you the best about the after-effects of Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

However, you can’t change your hairstyle. But the good news is that you can alter your hairline with time. You can change the side profile or the density of the hairline with time. Although you can’t get bigger changes to your hair look. But still, Scalp Micro Pigmentation offers various small variations.

You require frequent shaving

To give a perfect hair look all-time, men have to shave their heads continuously. In this way, the scalp micro pigmentation remains corresponding to your hair look. Men require to have about 0.5-inch hairs with scalp micro-pigmentation. So that Scalp Micro Pigmentation doesn’t look horrible or fake.

The number of times you need to shave highly depends upon your hair growth rate. If your hairs grow slowly, then you may not need to shave your head frequently. Seemingly it is just a small disadvantage. But some people may get this maintenance tiresome. But we all know that “to get something, sometimes we need to lose something”.
Thus, to enjoy a long-lasting thick hairline, you need to have Scalp Micro Pigmentation. Also, you have to bear frequent head-shaving after finishing the Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment.

Pigment fades with time

We know that our skin exfoliates with time. This exfoliation causes the SMP pigment to fade with time. The colour only lightens. But if the colour changes, then your technician might have used the wrong pigment. Therefore, act wisely while choosing an SMP practitioner. SMP Liverpool can be considered as among the well-qualified Scalp Micro-pigmentation providers in the UK. As the exfoliation rate in dry skin is more than in oily ones. Therefore, candidates with dry skin can experience faded pigment at a quicker rate.

The initial treatment of Scalp Micro Pigmentation requires about three sessions. If any fading occurs, then you may need to have another session within the year. After the last session, you can enjoy the benefit of Scalp Micro Pigmentation for five to six years. After six years you might need to refresh your Scalp Micro Pigmentation. The period for pigment fading doesn’t follow a specific rule. Some people may get less fading within time. But some may get unlucky in scalp micro-pigmentation. Their pigments may fade earlier than others. The fading rate depends upon the aftercare you give to your scalp micro-pigmentation.

SMP procedure could be painful

As discussed before, scalp micro pigmentation is similar to getting tattooed. If the candidate has got any tattoo before, then the pain of the SMP procedure will be more bearing to him. But if it is your first time getting your scalp tattooed, then you need to act patiently for the procedure. So, its major downside is that it may be a bit more painful. But the great thing is you will get a thick hair look with this cost-effective procedure. So, the pain is worth it.

You need to follow aftercare tips strictly

The other downside of the SMP procedure is that you can’t wet your scalp for three weeks. It means you have to take extra care of your scalp after getting scalp micro-pigmentation. You have to take shower without wetting your head for consecutive three weeks. And also remember not to get a sweat on your scalp. These are just two simple drawbacks of scalp micro-pigmentation. It can be observed that you can easily bear these to get a perfect hair look. You can visit SMP Liverpool to get more information about the procedure.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation needs much energy and potential of the candidate. It has a tough journey from finding a compatible technician to getting the final SMP session. Usually, people feel at ease after getting the last session. But your scalp micro-pigmentation journey doesn’t end there. You need to adopt proper aftercare tips for a long-lasting result.

Scalp micropigmentation includes different stages of aftercare, that are as follows:

Day 0 to Day 10
Sweating heavily must be prohibited for a minimum of ten days. Sweat can interrupt the scalp healing process. Therefore, avoid heavy exercises or tasks that generate excessive sweat. Avoid scrubbing or shampooing your scalp. Try to escape your scalp from UV radiation. Also, don’t touch your scalp often.

Day 10 to onwards
After ten days, your scalp should have healed much. You can get back to your normal routine. You can shampoo yourself or wet your head whenever you want. You can touch it too. Moreover, you can also get a haircut.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation isn’t three dimensional

Scalp Micro Pigmentation can create a perfect illusion for people. The other people will surely think that you have just shaved your head. People get easily tricked by SMP. This shows how detailed the scalp micro pigmentation procedure is. It is similar to a tattoo. Thus, it sits on the skin’s surface. Therefore, it is not three-dimensional.

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