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Full Head Hair Tattoo Treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation treatment fees vary widely since every client has a unique set of needs and goals, and every protocol is individually designed.
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Full Head Hair Tattoo

For a full head treatment, please enquire with us. Every person is unique, and a full head of hair restoration through scalp micropigmentation could take longer to complete on some people. That is why we require a full consultation first before providing you with a unique price.

Scalp Micropigmentation For a Full Head

Hair tattoos to cover the entire head make the biggest difference to our clients. We have helped many different people come to terms with their hair loss and to find a new way to live, with our realistic hair loss solution. Restoring a head of hair through careful scalp micropigmentation treatment is the best way to regain your confidence and to feel good about your hairline again.

Losing your hair is no fun. Whether you have naturally lost your entire head of hair over time or have suffered alopecia or other conditions that have resulted in hair loss, we understand how difficult it can be. At SMP Liverpool, we have the experience and the skills to help you restore your hair with scalp micropigmentation that can make a real difference to how you view yourself and how others perceive you.

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work For a Full Head treatment?

Scalp micropigmentation for men is the perfect hair restoration solution, providing you with the look of a shaved head through a realistic hair tattoo that mimics the look of individual hair follicles on your scalp. It is a modern hair restoration treatment that makes tiny impressions on your scalp, creating a shadow-like effect in much the same way as a shaved head looks. Our team will create the perfect hairline to suit your face and match the pigments with your skin tone and natural hair colour to ensure it looks as realistic as possible.

Over the course of a consultation and several sessions at our SMP Liverpool clinic, you’ll see your hair and overall appearance transformed for the better. Our head technician, Craig, understands what hair should look like, after years of working as a barber, and this means his thought is always on what looks best, alongside the highest quality pigments and hair tattoo processes.

Build Your Confidence With Full Head Hair Tattoos

You deserve to feel confident in how you look. We all want that comfort and if you have gone bald, losing your hair is one of the biggest things that can break your confidence. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and the options out there have only recently begun to look appealing to many men. Hair transplants can take ages to get right, can cause scarring, and cost a lot of money, whilst a hairpiece isn’t always a good choice. A hair tattoo that covers your entire head provides that hair restoration solution that looks great, builds your confidence back up and is maintenance-free, making it an easy option with the best outcome.

It is simple to get started and to think about how a full head hair tattoo can work for you. To find out more about SMP Liverpool and the experiences that have made Craig, our head technician, one of the best around, contact us today on 07432859488. Or, you can fill out our contact form, and we will arrange a time for you to come visit us on Rodney Street in the beautiful Georgian Quarter of Liverpool. 

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Our process

head pigmentation

1st Session

You will come in, and we will discuss your expectations. Our team will then map out a new hairline, using industry leading techniques to match your face shape. 

We have a mixture of hairline techniques, and this will be decided on your personal requirements. Our ink is then perfectly matched to your skin tone.
micropigmentation head

2nd Session

This is one week after the 1st session. On the 2nd session, we will go up a shade with the colour and really look to add alot of density using a blanket layer to completely cover the area we are working.

This gives a really nice look of natural density.
scalp tattoo hair loss

3rd Session

After a 2 week gap after the 2nd session.  We will go up another shade but this time slightly less density than previous session using a inlay technique to work between the impression created in session 1 & 2 this gives a nice definition to the SMP treatment bringing it all together to give a fantastic new look.

After care

We provide a full after care program, and support throughout.  We provide a fully detailied and thorough after care program tailored for each client.
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