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Norris Green


Norris Green Park in Norris Green, Liverpool, England is a city park situated between Broad Lane and Lorenzo Drive. This tranquil oasis offers escape from the hustle and bustle of the nearby business districts. The most notable landmark when approaching Norris on the north side of Utting Avenue is the large former Cheshire Lines railway bridge, crossing the junction of Utting Avenue and Townsend Ave. from north to south. The 1930s art deco public library can also be seen on this side of town.

The area is defined by a number of major thoroughfares. These are: the A580 East Lancashire Road and a small portion of Walton Hall Avenue to the north; Lowerhouse Lane and Dwerryhouse Lane to the east; Muirhead Avenue and Queens Driveto the south and Townsend Avenue back to Walton Hall Avenue to the west.The area is bordered by Walton to the west, Fazakerley to the north, Croxteth to the north east and east, West Derby to the south and Clubmoor to the south-west

The Norris Green area, with the Broadway district known locally as "Broadway" and including Broad Lane is located in an adjacent ward of Clubmoor. The former North Liverpool Extension Line has a station named for this area over which Broadway Bridge passes. Pubs in Liverpool's residential neighborhoods are few and far between.

History of the Norris Green area: 

Norris Green was first developed in the 1920s and named after Liverpool-based Norris family. It is believed that Lord Derby donated the land of Norris Green to Liverpool, which city records show was an undeveloped parcel in 1950. Critics have argued otherwise, arguing that it was he who was gifted with the property and he only lent it out for development. 

Norris Green was a farming estate that stretched from Stone Bridge House in the north to Norris Farm south of Almonds Hill. The sale boundary around 1920 marked the rail line, Carr Lane, Dwerryhouse Lane and Hornspit Lane - totalling £65000 paid for this by the council which had purchased it from the Leyland & Naylor estate. 

Available places to visit with in the Norris green area: 

The Beatles Story 

The Beatles story is a museum in Liverpool that is about the life and history of The Beatles. It shares unique and rare items such as John Lennon's glasses, George Harrison's first guitar, Abbey Road Studios among other historical elements including recreating The Casbah Coffee Club, The Cavern Club and Paul McCartney’s timeline. The exhibition has been visited by over four million people from over a hundred countries. The museum, which is one of the best tourist attractions in the UK, preceded the Cavern Mecca and Beatles City.

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool 

The Royal Albert Dock is a port for the storage of different goods from all over the world. The railway station was designed by Jesse Hartley and Philip Hardwick in 1846. The station was the first in Britain to be constructed from cast iron, brick, and stone with no structural timber; it opened for business on July 15th of that year. The manufacturing innovation of fireproofing was revolutionary in the industry. It’s called Royal Albert Dock, although it has only received this name in 2018 after receiving a royal charter. 

Its design was revolutionary when the dock was opened in 1850 because ships unloaded their cargo directly onto the warehouses via cranes and hydraulic hoists.A few years after it opened, hydraulic cranes were added to the warehouse. After its opening, the Albert Dock was a popular place for such valuable cargoes as brandy, cotton, tea, silk, tobacco and sugar. However their design wasn't the most effective because by 1852 other better loading docks were being developed that were more open yet secure. 

Cavern Club 

Cavern Club is a nightclub on Mathew Street, Liverpool, England. Cavern Club opened in 1957 as a jazz club and later became part of the rock and roll scene in Liverpool during the 1960s when it was at its peak popularity. The club became associated with Merseybeat and regularly hosted the Beatles in their early years. The Cavern Club closed, reopened in a new site and was filled during the construction of Merseyrail metro rail loop.

Liverpool cathedral 

Liverpool Cathedral is one of the most well-known architectural landmarks in Liverpool. Built on St James's Mount, it is among the many impressive churches that dot this city. There are many churches in the city of Liverpool but few have the cultural, architectural and spiritual significance as does that of Liverpool Cathedral. In honour of the Christian holiday known as Easter, and also worthy of note with its titular name. It is a great religious building in Liverpool that has a Gothic style based on Giles Gilbert Scott's design.


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