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Scalp Micropigmentation Dark Skin

Regardless of your skin tone, our SMP specialists can help you find the perfect pigment for your scalp. 
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Scalp Micropigmentation Dark Skin

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Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a revolutionary procedure that makes your missing or thinning hair look fuller and more natural. This is achieved by the use of special pigments that are tattooed on your scalp to perfectly match your natural hair colour.

Your existing hair will look thicker and fuller due to the unique “camouflage”. At SMP Liverpool, our micropigmentation specialists carefully insert a needle into the scalp to inject pigments. We carefully match your hair colour with the pigment for a seamless appearance.

What You Can Expect

While SMP is an ideal choice for anyone losing their hair, it requires a slightly different approach for people with black skin or dark scalps. This is due to the fact that people with darker skin tones tend to have thicker hair. 

As such, they require different follicle treatments to help match their true hair colour and structure. Here at SMP Liverpool, we employ a unique blending process to ensure optimal results. Different hairlines and hairstyles also affect the blending process to ensure that we perfectly match modern styles seamlessly.

Hair follicles of those with darker skin tones are bigger than those who have a lighter complexion. SO in order to effectively fill the follicles, we will need to apply more pigment. Fortunately, we have many shades available to ensure the right match.

What’s more, people with darker hair tend to prefer a more defined style. This results in the fading process being slower. Keloids can also be an issue for people with darker skin tones. This must be taken into consideration when discussing your desire to take advantage of SMP.

Why Choose SMP Liverpool?

SMP Liverpool is dedicated to offering the best scalp micropigmentation service possible. There are many micropigmentation options that can improve the look of your hair and hairline, and you can trust our certified technicians to find the most suitable one for your darker skin tone.

Our micropigmentation team is made up of industry experts who are skilled in SMP treatments. We know how important it is to restore your thinning or lost hair and can help you regain the confidence you need, regardless of your skin tone.

Are you experiencing significant hair loss? We invite you to contact us immediately so that we can determine the best way to restore your appearance. If you’re ready to schedule a consultation at our Liverpool location, give us a call on 07432859488. You may also fill out our contact form to get started.

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Our Scalp Micropigmentation Dark Skin results

The process

1st Session

You will come in, and we will discuss your expectations. Our team will then map out a new hairline, using industry leading techniques to match your face shape. 

We have a mixture of hairline techniques, and this will be decided on your personal requirements. Our ink is then perfectly matched to your skin tone.

2nd Session

This is one week after the 1st session. On the 2nd session, we will go up a shade with the colour and really look to add alot of density using a blanket layer to completely cover the area we are working.

This gives a really nice look of natural density.

3rd Session

After a 2 week gap after the 2nd session.  We will go up another shade but this time slightly less density than previous session using a inlay technique to work between the impression created in session 1 & 2 this gives a nice definition to the SMP treatment bringing it all together to give a fantastic new look.

After care

We provide a full after care program, and support throughout.  We provide a fully detailied and thorough after care program tailored for each client.
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