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Scalp Micropigmentation for Women

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Scalp Micropigmentation for Women

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Balding isn’t just a problem for men. Hair loss can also happen to women due to various life events. In fact, about 30% of women will experience hair loss in their lifetime. And although most hair loss in females is due to genetic factors, there are many other causes, as well, including:

●       Prolonged hair braiding
●       Hormonal imbalance
●       Certain medications 
●       Anxiety and stress
●       Post-menopause
●       Lichen planis
●       Melanoma
●       Pregnancy
●       Anemia
●       Lupus 

With so many potentials for hair loss in women, wouldn’t you like to know of a safe and effective alternative that can restore the appearance of full, thick hair? Thanks to the wonders of SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation), you have a viable solution to hair loss.

What Can You Expect

Here at SMP Liverpool, we understand that thinning hair can often be a stigmatised issue for women. Scalp micropigmentation, however, is an affordable, comfortable, undetectable, and cost-effective solution.  

The primary goal of scalp micropigmentation for women is to decrease the contrast between her hair and her scalp. So when you visit us for SMP treatments, we carefully go over the entire scalp, separating your hair by each section and applying pigment to the areas that are thinning.   

This effectively creates a shaded appearance. The difference between the hair and scalp colours becomes more difficult to see, making your hair appear thicker, fuller, and full of life.  

What’s more, scalp micropigmentation creates the illusion of full hair and this is due to the SMP treatment process. Let’s take a moment to explore this process in greater detail so you know what to expect when you visit our SMP Liverpool facility.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a type of non-invasive procedure that deposits pigment into your scalp using micro-needles. This process produces the appearance of real hair follicles, which help to thicken and restore natural hair growth. By filling in the areas that are thinning, you can enjoy a fuller appearance in your hair.

SMP treatments can be performed by a licensed and trained specialist. And it can repair receded hairlines and thicken existing hair. It can also serve as a camouflage to help cover scarring from transplants and give the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

It’s important to note that SMP doesn’t aim to create hair-like lines. Instead, it works to create shadow-like effects on the scalp using tiny dots in various shades to match your natural hair colour. AS a result, you’ll benefit from a style that creates natural-looking definition and depth.

The skilled SMP Liverpool practitioner will ensure that the micropigmentation blends seamlessly into your skin and look completely natural. So if you are suffering from hair loss, this process can be highly beneficial. 

Why Is Scalp Micropigmentation A Good Choice For Women?

Diffuse thinning is a common condition when a woman loses their hair. She will lose hair evenly over her entire scalp, but it is not likely to go completely bald. Instead, her frontal hairline will probably remain intact. Scalp micropigmentation can be very effective in your favour.

This procedure is not for all women. While it is more effective for brunettes, we encourage you to schedule a consultation to discuss your hair colour and the most suitable option for you. Our highly trained SMP specialists will thoroughly examine your hair and scalp to determine whether you are a good candidate for SMP treatments.

Scalp micropigmentation is ideal for women with thin crowns and tops. This is an excellent option for clients suffering from alopecia who don’t want to deal with spot balding.

Scalp micropigmentation can even hide facelift surgery scarring. This is due to the scarring at the temples and sides of the patient’s head after the incision. Our SMP Liverpool specialists will blend the scarring evenly through the hair to conceal it.

If you’re interested in learning if scalp micropigmentation is the right solution for your thinning hair needs, please contact us right away. After meeting with us to discuss your needs, we will schedule you for the best treatment to ensure optimal results. 

Please note that we are located in Liverpool, so your appointment will be made there. You can be sure that you are receiving world-class care from professionals who are passionate about SMP when you make the trip to visit our Liverpool location.

We understand that thinning hair can affect your self-confidence. As such, we will ensure that your hair looks thicker and fuller when you sign up for our SMP treatments. So if you’re tired of seeing your thinning hair and you want to do something about it, we invite you to book an appointment with us.

To get started, please give us a call on 07432859488. If you prefer, you can always fill out and submit our contact form. Upon receiving it, we will promptly get in touch with you schedule an appointment.

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The process

1st Session

You will come in, and we will discuss your expectations. Our team will then map out a new hairline, using industry leading techniques to match your face shape. 

We have a mixture of hairline techniques, and this will be decided on your personal requirements. Our ink is then perfectly matched to your skin tone.

2nd Session

This is one week after the 1st session. On the 2nd session, we will go up a shade with the colour and really look to add alot of density using a blanket layer to completely cover the area we are working.

This gives a really nice look of natural density.

3rd Session

After a 2 week gap after the 2nd session.  We will go up another shade but this time slightly less density than previous session using a inlay technique to work between the impression created in session 1 & 2 this gives a nice definition to the SMP treatment bringing it all together to give a fantastic new look.

After care

We provide a full after care program, and support throughout.  We provide a fully detailied and thorough after care program tailored for each client.
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