Scalp Micropigmentation Nottingham

Scalp Micropigmentation Nottingham

Do you find yourself missing the days when you had a full head of hair? Maybe it’s starting to thin and you no longer have the self-confidence that you used to have. The good news is that you can have thicker hair and a more natural-looking scalp with scalp micropigmentation (SMP). 

If you’re interested in learning more about this safe and effective treatment option, keep reading and find out how you can sign up for SMP in Nottingham.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation

Here at SMP Liverpool, we specialise in scalp micropigmentation, an innovative technique to increase hair density. You can achieve this by undergoing the process of tattooing pigments on your scalp. This is because the pigment looks exactly like your hair’s natural colour, and we make sure of it. In fact, we can match the pigment with your exact hair colour for a seamless, realistic look.

One way to look at scalp micropigmentation is as if it is camouflage for hair. SMP creates the illusion of thicker hair, thus adding more volume and fullness to your hair.

Your Nottingham hair tattoo specialists can provide effective, minimally invasive hair loss treatment with SMP. 

Is SMP Right For Me?

SMP is the preferred treatment option for a variety of conditions that affect the hair and scalp, including:

●       Hair transplant scarring
●       Male pattern baldness
●       Removing the hairline
●       Thinning hair
●       Alopecia

We encourage you to reach out to our Nottingham specialists if you suffer from any of these issues. Our scalp micropigmentation experts are conveniently located in Liverpool. After making the trip to Liverpool, you can get the SMP treatments you need for thicker-looking hair.

SMP Services We Offer


Receding Hairline

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SMP Scar Treatments

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Full SMP Head Treatment

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Top of Head Treatment

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