May 24, 2022

Will I Have Scalp Micropigmentation Regrets?

It is understandable that you might worry about scalp micropigmentation regrets if you are considering having a hair tattoo. No matter what your reason is for having SMP, you’ll know that it is like a tattoo. You’ll need top ups to your scalp tattoo in the future, but it is a permanent marking on your scalp in the same way that a regular tattoo is on any other part of your body. It is perfectly right that you should question whether getting SMP is the right choice for you. We are here to help make the correct decision for you, as SMP will affect your entire life. We believe it will impact it in a positive way, through our own experience, but we have a duty to make sure you are fully informed before going ahead with the procedure.

What is scalp micropigmentation?

To understand the question of whether you’ll regret scalp micropigmentation it is important to understand the procedure in full. SMP is a delicate procedure, and one that will dramatically change how you look. It is very important that you are 100% sure that you want a hair tattoo before you agree to one.

The thing is, having scalp micropigmentation regrets is not that uncommon, because there are plenty of clinics that perform SMP poorly, or who provide a poor service both pre- and post-procedure.

There are many reasons why a person might come to us to find out more about getting a hair tattoo. We are here to talk through everything during the consultation. Go through the reasons the person wants a hair tattoo, show them how the procedure works, what they’ll go through in terms of the detail of the sessions and what they entail, and of course how long it will take to complete. In most cases, we anticipate 4 to 5 sessions of scalp micropigmentation to get it spot on and right for each person sat in the chair.

Helping those with scalp micropigmentation regrets

For those people who come to us after already having scalp micropigmentation regrets, we have the perfect set of skills and experience to help you out. A fair few people have come through our doors unhappy with the service they’ve received at other clinics and want to know if we can help fix the problem.

This is entirely achievable and is part of the service that we offer. SMP should look as natural as possible, and therefore our head clinician Craig takes the time to sit with you during the consultation process to look at different options and to figure out the perfect hairline that suits your face and the shape of your head, as well as matching the ink with your natural hair colour. Everything should align perfectly to ensure that anyone looking at you would not know that you have a hair tattoo, but instead that you just have a shaved head. With improvement in training within the SMP sector and the quality of the materials and equipment used there is no excuse for poor scalp micropigmentation results. If you have hair tattoo regrets due to a bad experience elsewhere, we can help you fix the problem at our Liverpool SMP clinic.

Scalp micropigmentation regrets?

We’ve got great experience in providing SMP for a wide range of men and women. We are based in Liverpool but cater for clients who travel from all parts of the country. Our head clinician Craig is the best person to speak to about any worries or concerns you have about scalp micropigmentation. He has plenty of experience in both the barber and the SMP world and has seen it all in terms of the types of people who come to us for help and the different needs and types of hair tattoos.

If you are concerned about scalp micropigmentation regrets, speak to Craig and he’ll put you at ease, speaking to you in depth during the consultation and by your side every step of the journey. SMP is life-changing in the most positive way in our experience. The only examples of scalp micropigmentation regrets that we have come across are from those people who come to us after suffering poor service from another clinic and need a top up or extra sessions with us to make things right.


Contact SMP Liverpool today

Speak to us today about any concerns you have about potential scalp micropigmentation. It is a simple procedure that will help bring confidence and positivity to your life. We know what it takes to perform SMP well, Craig is highly qualified and uses only the best equipment and pigments to achieve the results our clients are looking for.

Book in a consultation with Craig today and find out more about how SMP works. Contact us by calling 07432859488. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you to discuss how you’ll never have scalp micropigmentation when booking in with us. Our whole ethos is built around making you feel as comfortable as possible, showing you the potential results and ensuring that you leave our clinic after a few SMP sessions full of confidence again.

Article written by CraigSMPLiverpool
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