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Scalp Micropigmentation treatment for scars help you regain lost confidence and live a fuller life.
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Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a procedure that deploys a stippling pattern tattoo that imitates hair follicles cut close to the scalp. As a relatively novel technique, scalp micropigmentation can substantially address the cosmetic issues that arise from the hair loss conditions mentioned at the outset. The tattoo industry has undergone a cultural augmentation since the last two years of the first decade of the millennium, which made scalp micropigmentation an increasingly socially acceptable hair loss solution for tackling apropos scalp and hair challenges.

The purpose of scalp pigmentation is to replicate your natural hair follicles while simultaneously strengthening and adding density to the thinning sections.

Benefits of scalp micropigmentation

It covers hair transplant scars
It combines well with a hair transplant to offer additional density
Excellent natural-looking front and side photo profiles of your hairline
Change in lifestyle
As mentioned in the outset, scarring from hair transplant procedures is inescapable.  Scar tissue consists typically of fibrous tissue- it is the anatomy’s natural way of supplanting and healing damaged skin. 

A scar hair transplant situation is undesirable, which is why scar tissue remodeling and reduction where pertinent is crucial in SMP concealment. Hair transplant scars combine well with SMP.

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The process

1st Session

You will come in, and we will discuss your expectations. Our team will then examine your scar using industry leading techniques to match the treatment to your skin. This will produce a natural scar treatment.

We have a mixture of scar techniques, and this will be decided on your personal requirements. Our ink is then perfectly matched, and coded to your skin  and hair tone.

2nd Session

This is one week after the 1st session. On the 2nd session, we will go up a shade on colour and really look to add alot of density using a blanket layer to completely cover the scar area we are working.

This gives a really nice loom of natural density.

3rd Session

On the 3rd session, after a 2 week gap after the 2nd session.  We will go up another shade but this time slightly less density than a 2nd session using a inlay technique to work between the impression created in session 1 & 2 this give a nice definition to the SMP treatment bringing it all together to give a fantastic new look.

After care

We provide a full after care program, and support throughout.  We provide a fully detailied and thorough after care program tailored for each client.

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