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Scar Treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation treatment for scars help you regain lost confidence and live a fuller life.
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Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments for Scars

£300 per session – 4 sessions recommended
Scalp micropigmentation treatment for scars is the perfect way to regain the confidence you have lost due to scarring on your scalp. It will change your life for the better and help you lead a fuller life.

How Does Scar Treatment Work?

bring back your confidence

Scar tissue on the scalp could be caused by a variety of things. What we see most with our clients is scarring that has resulted from hair transplant procedures. When this happens, scarring can be quite prominent on the scalp, but what happens if you want to go back to your natural look but hide the scarring, or you wish to add density and thickness alongside your hair transplant to create a full head of hair that really works for you?

Where there is scar tissue, hair will not naturally grow because there are no hair follicles in a scar. A scar will form on damaged skin, and this means there is no hair follicle, with blood vessels underneath promoting growth and regeneration of hair. This is why you might come to us at SMP Liverpool seeking a hair tattoo for a head scar.

Benefits of scalp micropigmentation For Scars

It covers hair transplant scars
It combines well with a hair transplant to offer additional density
Excellent natural-looking front and side photo profiles of your hairline
Change in lifestyle
We’ve helped many people with hair tattoos that have covered balding spots, alopecia, receding hairlines and the entire top of the head. Helping those who come to us with scarring on their scalp from hair transplants and other reasons is something we love to do, as scar tissue from a hair transplant is undesirable and can have a big impact on the confidence of the person suffering with it. Hair transplant scars combine well with SMP, ensuring that your head and hair look realistic, and your scars can be successfully concealed.

Our SMP treatment is second-to-none in the area, and that’s why we help plenty of people searching for hair tattoos for scars in Liverpool, the surrounding areas and beyond. Scalp micropigmentation can fully cover hair transplant scars, providing the best solution for hair restoration that is realistic and looks fantastic. This will help to provide you with a natural look, from both front and side on as you look at it.

Regain Confidence With Hair Tattoos For Scars

Any sort of scar can cause confidence issues. We see it time and time again with clients that come to see us at SMP Liverpool and want to cover scars from hair transplants. Hair tattoos are the perfect solution to this, helping you cover scarring that could be having a detrimental impact on your life and stopping you from doing the things you want to do.

You want to feel comfortable and confident, and our scalp micropigmentation service in Liverpool is designed to help those with scalp scars. We can cover up scarring or add density to work alongside your hair transplant. To find out more information about us and to book a complimentary consultation, call us today on 07432859488, or you can fill out our contact form and wait to hear from us (we’re always quick to get in touch and to get the ball rolling on speaking to you). Craig has plenty of experience in the world of barbers, and as a highly trained technician in SMP, he will guide you through the process and be there every step of the way.

Our results

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The process


1st Session

You will come in, and we will discuss your expectations. Our team will then map out a new hairline, using industry leading techniques to match your face shape. 

We have a mixture of hairline techniques, and this will be decided on your personal requirements. Our ink is then perfectly matched to your skin tone.

2nd Session

This is one week after the 1st session. On the 2nd session, we will go up a shade with the colour and really look to add alot of density using a blanket layer to completely cover the area we are working.

This gives a really nice look of natural density.

3rd Session

After a 2 week gap after the 2nd session.  We will go up another shade but this time slightly less density than previous session using a inlay technique to work between the impression created in session 1 & 2 this gives a nice definition to the SMP treatment bringing it all together to give a fantastic new look.

After care

We provide a full after care program, and support throughout.  We provide a fully detailied and thorough after care program tailored for each client.
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