October 15, 2021

Should I Get Scalp Micropigmentation?

Should I get scalp micropigmentation? In this article, we are going to explore things to consider before getting scalp micropigmentation for hair loss.

An intro to MicroPigmentation

Scalp microPigmentation (SMP), is an alternative to hair transplants. It is a medical tattoo process that has been performed for decades with excellent results. In fact, many people around the world who have been through hair transplant surgeries are now having their scars filled in with this incredible work.

Scalp micropigmentation is a method of camouflaging thinning hair, or baldnesss opposed to alternatives such as wigs or toupees. Scalp micropigmentation creates a more natural-looking and feeling hairline.

Don't focus on the price

Once you've decided you want to get scalp micropigmentation your first concern shouldn't be the price. It's true that scalp micropigmentation is usually an expensive treatment but it's very important that you don't just choose the cheapest option It's a big decision so even if someone is offering this service for £250 rather than £1000, what would happen if they do a bad job? On the flip side, going with the most expensive treatment doesn't guarantee a great result. What's important is finding a good practitioner.

Check before and after photos

If you're browsing the internet and come across a company that doesn't have any before and after photos or testimonials then beware. It might not be a reliable practice if their social media or website is lacking in this area. You should ask to see what previous clients look like and if they don't have any before and after photos then they might not be worth considering.

Read reviews

If you can, look online to see what previous clients say about the practitioner. If they have a Facebook page then take a look at the reviews and if there are several with bad ratings then this is something you should be concerned about. Reviews written on independent review sites such as Treatwell and Google Reviews are more reliable than those on social media.


Ask how much experience the practitioner has

You should always ask how long the practitioner has been doing this for, how many clients they've treated and what level of training they have. You need someone with lots of experience or else the results might not be as good as you'd like them to be.

Make sure your practitioner is certified

You should always make sure that your micropigmentation treatment is carried out by a professional. Ask if they're certified and whether they can provide certification to prove that fact. Naturally, you should avoid anyone who isn't fully qualified or experienced in this area.

Find out how many clients has the practitioner has had

We would recommend that you try to find out how many clients the practitioner has had. The more experienced they are, the better chance of getting a great result. You should make sure that they specialises in scalp micropigmentation. It might seem obvious but you would hate to find out that your chosen practitioner does all types of treatments! You need someone who is experienced working with scalps and using the correct equipment.

Ask what the practitioner's background was before SMP

It's important that you ask what the practitioner's background was before going into scalp micropigmentation. If they've been barber or worked with hair loss in the past then that could prove to be really helpful. If your chosen practitioner has worked with hair transplant clinics or studied hair, they should also have a good understanding of what's required to get great results.

Look at hairlines

When getting SMP deciding on your hairline is one of the first things you should do. You can't really change it or improve it once it's finished so you need to choose a good starting point. This might be higher than your existing hairline, lower, or just altered in some way. It's important that whoever is doing the procedure has experience with this since they are normally more successful if they do.

Have a consultation

Be sure to have a consultation before deciding whether you will go ahead with the service or not. It's important to be fully informed about what you're getting yourself into and the best way of doing this is by speaking your practitioner face-to-face. During the consultation be sure to ask questions about the process, expected results, aftercare etc.

Be realistic

Its important to be realistic when considering the results. Scalp micropigmentation is not a magic solution for hair loss in fact it's not really a hair replacement service at all. If you expect to look like you've had a bad transplant then you will be disappointed. Scalp micropigmentation is more about improving the appearance of your hairline and making it look as natural as possible.

Be aware of the procedure and what to expect

It's important that you have a full understanding of scalp micropigmentation before going ahead. This will help you know what to expect from the whole procedure and how best to look after yourself beforehand.

What happens at an SMP consultation

The first thing to do at an SMP consultation is meet your chosen practitioner. You should always check out their qualifications and experience so that you know they are fully qualified to carry out the procedure. They should also be able to show you before and after images of previous clients which you can look through with them

You'll need to discuss what kind of results you are hoping for and what your expectations are. If they aren't realistic then the practitioner should be able to point this out to you so that you can both come up with an achievable plan. They will want to check your hairline beforehand and leave enough time to take any stencils if required. There should also be a discussion about expectations after the treatment is finished.

If you are considering SMP then just do it! It's a fairly priced service that could have a huge impact on your confidence. Just be aware of what results to expect and what to look for in an experienced practitioner

What happens during treatment

Once you've agreed on a treatment plan and booked in your consultation, you can expect the following: Your new hairline will be drawn on by the practitioner using a specialised pen. This pen is fairly precise and only leaves the smallest amount of ink behind. Any stencils you need will be taken at this point in time

The next step will depend on whether the treatment needs to take place over multiple sessions or not. If it's one session then it's likely that all the pigment will be applied simultaneously, but if it's over multiple sittings then the pigment will be applied to larger areas at a time.

Once all the pigment has been added you will need to leave it for a short time so that it can settle. During this time you will be able to see the results but they may look slightly different once the treatment has finished. This is because your skin needs to adjust to the ink and this can take anywhere from 10 minutes up to 48 hours at its longest

Finally you'll have some aftercare instructions that will have been discussed during your consultation. These should include instructions about how to look after yourself both during the treatment and afterward

What you need to know afterwards

After your scalp micropigmentation treatment you'll be given a set of aftercare instructions regarding the pigment. It's important that you follow these carefully because the pigment is made up of specialised ink that could possibly be harmful to your skin if you are exposed to sunlight or other sources of ultra violet light.

You shouldn't shower immediately after your treatment, you should wait 1 day at least. You'll also need to keep your scalp clean by washing it with warm water and a gentle shampoo after the first 48 hours.

Summary - Should I Get Scalp Micropigmentation?

To summarise , scalp micropigmentation is not a permanent solution to hair loss. It's designed to improve the appearance of your existing hairline by adding pigmented lines that are much finer than tattooed lines

You should always check out your chosen practitioner because SMP isn't something you want to get wrong. It's important that they are experiencedand have a good reputation to uphold. They should also be able to provide you with before and after images of their previous clients

It's important to remember that SMP is carried out over multiple sessions so the results will take time. That being said, it can have a big impact on your confidence because it creates an illusion of having more hair.

Article written by CraigSMPLiverpool
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