Scalp Micropigmentation Testimonial's

Brian's Testimonial

When Brian first came to us, he was nervous about SMP treatment. After his treatment was finished, he was full of confidence. Originally concerned with what the level of pain would be, and how natural the results would look. When the treatment began, he was shocked at feeling no pain at all and “made up with the results”

From a lack of confidence, due to his hair-loss, Brian wore hats when going out with family and friend’s. After finding out about scalp micropigmentation treatment and SMP Liverpool, He told us “this has give me a massive confidence boost“. 

Brian’s Treatment was completed over 3 sessions. After ditching his hat when going out, he called to tell us “everyone loves my hair“. 

Just had my final session with SMP Liverpool. WOW the results are amazing, cant stop looking at it. am absolutely made up with the results, and no pain. Family and friends are amazed. I would highly recommend, SMP Liverpool to anyone who’s thinking of having it done. i 100% guarantee, it’s worth it. 

Brian McDonald


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