The Hair Tattoo Process

How Does A Hair Tattoo Work?

We understand how much of a big deal it is for you to come to us for help with hair loss. Losing part or all of your hair for whatever reason can be a big dent in your confidence, and alongside the technical detail of the scalp micropigmentation process, we are also here to help you come to terms mentally with the benefits of a hair tattoo.

The start of the process will be a sit-down discussion with our head practitioner Craig to go through your expectations. There are different hairline techniques to match many different face shapes. You are unique, and there is no one hair tattoo process or ink that can be used for every person. We’ll map out a new hairline for you, match the ink to your skin tone and ensure you are fully informed as to what to expect.

Before The Hair Tattoo Procedure

1. Shower before each appointment, as you will be unable to wash or wet your scalp for four days after treatment (this includes excessive sweating). If you have psoriasis, scalp acne, or other types of skin sensitivities, you should avoid SMP treatments during a flare-up. If you are prone to developing keloids you might not be a good candidate for SMP, so please let your practitioner know during the consultation phase.

Session 1

2. We will sit down and draw on your new hairline with a temporary marker as a guide to how it will turn out. Once this has been agreed between you and our head practitioner, we start the process. 

3. There is the possibility that you might feel slight discomfort during the treatment, but in the same way that different people have different experiences when getting a tattoo, in this case it will depend on your level of pain tolerance. In our experience, we have not had any clients that have been in pain and wished to stop or pause the session. Each treatment takes on average between four and five hours.

Session 2

4. The second session for your hair tattoo will take place a week after the first. This is where the shade of colour will be taken up a notch and the idea of this session is to add density, using a blanket layer to cover the entire area that is being treated.

Session 3

5. We leave a two-week gap between sessions 2 and 3. During the third SMP session, we go up another shade, if necessary, but with less density than session 2. We use an inlay technique that works between the impressions created in previous sessions, providing definition to the look, and bringing everything together. 

Session 4 (Recomended)

6. The 4th session is for final touch-ups. This is where you and our practitioner can have a final say and to finish off the process. 

Grow Your Confidence With a Hair Tattoo in Liverpool

You’ll end up with a brand-new look, a natural looking head of hair that suits the shape of your face and leaves you fresh and invigorated.

What Is A Hair Tattoo?

Scalp Micropigmentation in the UK

If you’re here looking for options to help with your receding hairline or other type of hair loss, you might be wondering what scalp micropigmentation or SMP actually means? It’s simple really, it is a hair tattoo procedure that uses micro needles to produce the appearance of realistic hair follicles on your head. This can be used to create the look of thickened, natural hair growth in places where your hair is thinning, or to put in place a definitive, realistic hairline that gives the appearance of a shaved head. Other uses for scalp micropigmentation include treatment to cover the effects of scarring on the scalp, which is sometimes suffered from hair transplants.

Hair Tattoo Specialists

SMP is a modern cosmetic hair treatment that doesn’t aim to create hair-like lines. The idea is that with the addition of small impressions (tiny dots) on the scalp, that shadow-like effects can be seen. Matching the shade of your natural hair colour, this hair follicle simulation provides a natural look, definition and depth. At SMP Liverpool, we use the highest quality pigments available to bring about this look, as well some of the best aftercare products to ensure fast and effective healing. On average, we recommend four sessions in total to complete your SMP treatment and for guaranteed results and long-term satisfaction with your hair.

What Are the Benefits of Getting A Hair Tattoo?

Benefits of Hair Tattoos

Confidence is everything in life. Your hair is a big part of how you feel and how you are perceived. At SMP Liverpool, we have helped many people with the effects of hair loss. Some of our clients come to us with receding or thinning hair and wish to thicken its appearance. We’ve helped women and men with alopecia, and those who have suffered scarring and want to treat the affected area.

Why You Should Get a Hair Tattoo

There are a few good reasons why you should get a hair tattoo. Our scalp micropigmentation clinic in Liverpool provides hair tattoo treatments for a wide range of conditions.

  • SMP is quick and non-invasive, a simple procedure that has a massive impact on your quality of life.
  • The final result is a maintenance-free hair loss solution that lasts for up to five years before top-ups are required.
  • Compared with other hair loss solutions, such as hair transplants, hair tattoos are a much more affordable treatment.
  • Any scarring or blemishes that are visible on a scalp will be significantly reduced with scalp micropigmentation.
  • It helps boost your confidence if you have thinning hair, have a receding hairline, are completely bald, or have suffered alopecia.
  • It is the perfect solution for hair loss, it doesn’t pretend to promote hair growth. It is, however, guaranteed to work.

The biggest benefit to having scalp micropigmentation treatment is that whatever the reason you are looking to get a hair tattoo, you’ll experience a change in lifestyle that will significantly improve your quality of life.

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